About Us

Do You Believe?

Do You Believe? Bridal Boutique should provide a luxurious experience appealing to the senses - Visual, Touch, sound and aroma - hopefully stepping into a magical wonderland of wedding dresses and all the bridal accessories you could wish for - wings; wands coronets; tiaras and bespoke if needed, everything with an enchanted theme.. Many of the bridal Designer labels are exclusive to Do You believe? - in the mainland UK, which helps make them unique & even more special, we work very closely with one company which gives us great flexibility with the designs and services we can offer.

We can dress any princess from 0 - 100 years we strongly believe that value and quality is paramount, we would give any customer personal service whether looking for a small accessory or the gown of their dreams.

We now have expanded to fabulous dresses for the first time and encore bride but will still endeavour to provide that certain touch of magic for all the important girls in the bridal party, on that very special occasion, including mother of the bride silk suits from Sarah Danielle. Do You Believe? Is the vision of Helen Thomas-Powell BA who strives to bring an individual wedding shop with style to south wales with her experience in the industry, designing and manufacturing by commission for more than 20 years. .. An enchanted range all dresses have a hidden Tinkerbelle ‘and every time that bell rings - a fairy gets their wings’